Roundup Magazine Review

Battle of Little Bighorn cover with Spur logoAn unexpected review in this month’s issue of “Roundup Magazine,” by the Western Writers of America, of my book Battle of Little Bighorn, which is a Spur Award Finalist this year. Thanks to my talented wife, Sue, for the fantastic art direction.

JOHN HAMILTON. Battle of Little Bighorn. Abdo Publishing. Hardcover, 32 pages, $18.95,
As one of the “Great Battles” books in this series for young readers, Battle of Little Bighorn is told in concise chronological order and ends in “A Message For the Living.” This final chapter tells of the two memorials at Last Stand Hill, the stone marker commemorating the 7th Cavalry, which was placed in 1881, and the much newer 2003 “Peace Through Unity” Indian Memorial, built to “encourage peace among all the races.” What a fitting and unique ending to this often-told, but still tragic, historical event. John Hamilton does a great job in the retelling and makes excellent use of photos, maps, and sketches.



GM-Paperback(LyingDown01)-square-9-25-14A nice review of Ghost Marshal by Quentin Wallace, author of the Brackett Hollister series of Weird Westerns.

“This is what the Weird West genre is all about. Ghosts, gunslingers, Indian Shamans, cowgirls, it’s got a little bit of everything.

“The ghost of Wild Bill Hickock comes back to help a feisty female avenge her fathers murder, and he wants to avenge his own while he’s at it. There are of course a group of bad guys standing in the way, as well as a Chinese Sorceror. The greatest evil, however, is buried at the bottom of the mine. And better not spoken of here…

“I would recommend this to any fan of the Weird Western genre, or really any western fan at all. John Hamilton is a bit of an expert on the old west, so you get a bit more authenticity than you would with an average weird western novel. Actually, if you like ghosts and action, this one’s for you! I am looking forward to the next volume of Ghost Marshal!”


Weapons of Mass Deception

WMD graphic“Weapons of Mass Deception” by my friend David Bruns, with his partner J.R. Olson, was published this week. I’ve read David’s excellent science fiction tales, and enjoyed our chats at Dunn Brothers discussing writing and indie publishing over coffee. David’s an ex Navy submarine officer, and J.R. was a Naval intelligence officer. I’m excited to read their new book, it sounds like a wild ride. Early reviews have been glowing. Go David and J.R.!


Lewis & Clark: Adventures West just published!

Lewis & Clark ebook cover 500x750I’m proud to announce that my epic tale of the Lewis & Clark expedition, Lewis & Clark: Adventures West, is now available as an ebook! If you have a kid in school who needs to do a report on American history, or you just want to experience the adventure for yourself, this is the book for you.

This ebook has been a long time coming. Originally published in hardcover in 2005, it sold in museums and bookstores across the country during the expedition’s bicentennial celebration, and it was a finalist at the 17th Annual Minnesota Book Awards.

Because the 192-page book is so design intensive (featuring 187 photos and illustrations, 4 maps, travel tips, glossary, and index), until now it didn’t lend itself well to ebook formatting. But last month Amazon released its “Kindle Textbook Creator” software, which made turning the book into digital ebook format a snap. While I was at it, I updated the text and added more photos for you to enjoy.

To conduct research for this book, I retraced the expedition’s entire journey, from St. Louis all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I took all the contemporary photography, showing you how all the major expedition sites look today.

Head on over to Amazon to download. Note that it’s not meant for e-ink devices. It’ll display in gorgeous color on Kindle Fires, plus iPads, Android tablets, and PCs and Macs with the free Kindle app.

For my loyal fans: for the first week, before I widely advertise the book, I’m keeping the price as low as Amazon will allow me to go for such a big file–$2.99. In April, it goes up to its normal list price of $4.99 (still a bargain compared to the $28 hardcover).

Download on Amazon: Lewis & Clark: Adventures West


2015 Spur Award Finalist

Battle of Little Bighorn cover with Spur logoI’m as happy as a puppy dog with two tails! My book, Battle of Little Bighorn (Abdo Publishing) was named a Spur Award Finalist today by the Western Writers of America. Thanks to my sweetie Sue Hamilton for doing an awesome job of art directing and unearthing some really unique photos. Here’s a little info about the Spur Awards: Western Writers of America

Spur Award Finalist logo


Rainbow Over Lamar Valley

Yellowstone_Vacation_081210_0163.2Happy birthday, Yellowstone National Park! One of my favorite places in the world.

Rainbow, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. At the end of a long day hiking and sightseeing, we headed back to our hotel in Cooke City, MT. As we entered Lamar Valley, a late-afternoon thunderstorm descended. I was happy as a lark. Sure enough, at the far eastern end of the valley, only a few miles from the northeast entrance of the park, the storm clouds parted just enough for a shaft of sunlight to peek through. So naturally I screeched to a halt and grabbed my camera.

Very unusual rainbow behavior (at least for this flatlander) to have it suspended in the air that way, and lighting up the hillside. Tough exposure; had to balance the bright hillside with the overwhelming gloom of the sky and mountains. Plus it was raining. Had to crank up the ISO to 800, which made the noise ridiculous. Balancing the color was tricky, too. But I’m still happy with the frame. It’s comforting to know there are still wild places like this left in the world.


Good News for Lewis & Clark Fans

Lewis & Clark ebook cover 800x1200At last! My national bestseller “Lewis & Clark: Adventures West” will soon be out in ebook format. Coming soon for Fire tablets and free Kindle reading apps for iPads, Android tablets, PC and Mac.